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Instant Relief, Long Lasting Repair.​


      "Great stuff, I use it on my lower back and and elbow. I have golfers elbow and a                      herniated disc. It is non greasy and no smell. "

Hunter Gallaway

       "Amazing product...I use it before and after my tennis matches. Forget biofreeze, this            stuff is great!"

Jan Pablo Schurig

       "Great product!! I am currently playing some 5.0/5.5 leagues and this cream is                         controlling my chronic elbow pain. Otherwise it would be impossible."

Vittorio Fratta

     "This product is fantastic. Most topical creams sit on your skin and feel warm or cold for awhile. After using Active 10 for just a couple of weeks my arm and wrist are practically pain free. A little bit of product goes a long way. I massage it on twice a day and I'm already feeling much relief. This is so much better than Biofreeze and Capsaicin that I would highly recommend it to anyone."

J.C. Cole

    "How I use Active 10. I'm an avid high level tennis player (5.5+).  I use Active 10 in two ways. To help may ailments while I'm playing and for rehab purposes to reduce inflammation. Every now and again, as a serious athlete, Ibuprofen just isn't enough.  During a tennis match my lower back and right hamstring were really tight and painful. I slathered on some Active 10, stretched, re-warmed up and I was able to fight back from a set and a break down because instead of focusing on what was hurting Active 10 gave me the opportunity to focus on what was important, my tennis.  My second use of Active 10 is for rehab. I have been battling plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow for years... not now. I have been able to put both problems in to remission by adding Active 10 to my rehab program. Let me be clear, I don't want to sound like an infomercial here, Active 10 can reduce inflammation and pain on the spot and as part  of a rehab program Active 10 can help reduce long term inflammation. Use it properly and it will work."

Ryan Sablan

​"I am a cancer patient being treated for Multiple Myeloma over the last 18 months.  I am also a pre-diabetic. I had both knees replaced 5 years ago but the pain has been almost the same as it was before the surgery. I also have a fluid retention problem which makes my legs, ankles and feet swell along with my hands from arthritis.  I began using Active 10 about 7 days ago and the results have been astounding.  After about 4 or 5 days of use the neuropathy in my feet has almost completely gone away which in itself is amazing.  My knees where the muscles were very sore from the original surgery, are so much better that I can get up out of a chair much easier than before.

My neck has been a big problem with extreme soreness and a very limited range of motion, has shown a big improvement.  One of my daughters took a bad fall skiing and really damaged her knee which was very swollen.  After about a week of using Active 10 on it the swelling was almost gone and so was the pain.  This is a great product that sells itself after one application.  I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to be able to use it and share with my friends and family."

 -- Nancy Chester




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Dr. Stephen C. Wellens


In 10 years of treating all types of sports injuries, I have never used a product that had so many excellent ingredients in one topical ointment. Active10 is a well put-together product!

Active10 is a well put-together product!

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